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Where Strip Clubs Thrive In Portland, So Does Child Sex Trafficking 6-25-15

Although strip clubs are legalized sex trafficking venues, they are often sexploitation venues used by pimps to sell children to johns in the illegal sex trafficking trade.  Portland, OR has some of the loosest laws allowing strip club pimp owners to basically set up their legal sex trafficking businesses just about anywhere with the enjoyment of lenient laws all under the guise of Freedom of Expression. A 15 year old girl was forced to dance nude at a strip club by a pimp while the strip club pimp owner turned his head.  This is one example out of many.  For more information: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/25/child-sex-trafficking-strip-clubs-portland_n_7650778.html

Michigan AG Bill Schuette charges Inkster man with sex trafficking women 6-24-15

In Detroit Michigan, Attorney General, Bill Schuette charges an Inkster man with sex trafficking of women on the streets.  These women were being sold on websites like Craiglist or Backpage.  AG Bill Schuette is making efforts to eradicate illegal sex trafficking of women and girls and even started a commission to combat it. We also need AG Bill Schuette to eradicate legal sex trafficking, i.e., ban strip clubs (aka female auction blocks), arrest strip club pimp owners, and also ban sexist advertising (both legal and illegal) of women from Craigslist, Backpage, and the Detroit Metrotimes.  For more information about AG Bill Schuette’s efforts, please see:  http://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2015/06/ag_bill_schuette_charges_inkst.html

Christopher Hedges book Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt 6/21/15

Very important and applicable to the Radical Feminist Movement:

Don’t Blame Ema Watson’s Speech for Liberal Feminist Failures by Laura McNally 9/29/14

Emma Watson’s speech isn’t the problem. The problem is liberal feminism.

Emma Watson’s speech at the UN has made headlines worldwide. It wasn’t a bad speech. Like all women, Watson is doing the best she can with the information she has available to her.

Several feminists have already addressed some of the problematic aspects of her speech. Like many, I am critical of the strategies employed by transnational organisations like the UN. I am also critical of liberal feminism.

But as a woman who is most concerned with women’s liberation, I acknowledge that Emma Watson has created more awareness in ten minutes than I could in my lifetime.

So you know what is more problematic, male-centric, and piecemeal than Emma Watson’s speech?

Liberal feminist analysis. For this article and it’s excellent examples, please go to the article written by feminist author Laura McNally:


Germany Wins the Title of ‘Bordello of Europe’: Why Doesn’t Angela Merkel Care? 5/27/15

In 2002, Germany decriminalized prostitution, reportedly due to pressure by the sex trade lobby and a few brothel managers who petitioned the government to develop safety standards and reduce the stigma and violence found in the sex trade. This law effectively rendered the prostitution industry a legitimate business. Today, this experiment is failing. Violence, abuse and trauma have increased for prostituted women in Germany. Some 400,000 women are now in prostitution, the vast majority poor women from abroad, with a linked exponential spike in sex trafficking. Alarmed by this state of affairs, prominent German trauma experts and psychologists signed a petition in December 2014, calling on their government to repeal its decriminalization law as a preventive measure against sexual violence and trauma. Below is an interview with Dr. Ingeborg Kraus, who initiated the petition. For more as to how legalized prostitution (i.e., legal sex trafficking) is harmful: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/taina-bienaime/germany-wins-the-title-of_b_7446636.html