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Pro-Prostitution: Phony First Worldist Marxism Posted on 2015 08 14 by Jason Unruhe

I’d really like an answer from the anti-capitalist community right now. Yesterday I put up a videodenouncing Amnesty International for supporting the legitimization of prostitution. Basically it’s the single worst thing that can be done to a woman in poverty. Yet this organization wants to make that a legitimate business. I wasn’t too surprised that AI would support such a thing. What shocked me was the amount of so-called Marxists who are running around supporting it.

I don’t need to point out how prostitution is bad, that has been done to death. If you don’t know it by now then you don’t want to know.

So let me get this straight. Wage labour is a form of slavery and exploitation (which it is), but prostitution and porn isn’t. Read more: http://maoistrebelnews.com/2015/08/14/pro-prostitution-phony-first-worldist-marxism/

FBI sex trafficking bust recovers 168 kids, some never reported missing 7/30/15

By Associated Press

WASHINGTON — When FBI agents and police officers fanned out across the country last month in a weeklong effort to rescue child sex trafficking victims, they pulled minors as young as 11 from hotel rooms, truck stops and homes.

Among the 168 juveniles recovered was a population that child welfare advocates say especially concerns them: children who were never reported missing in the first place. To read more: http://nypost.com/2014/07/30/fbi-sex-trafficking-bust-recovers-168-kids-some-never-reported-missing/


Hilton removing all In-Room Porn from it’s hotels 8/17/15

Bravo!  Hilton is removing all In-Room Porn from it’s hotels.  They are being taken off the “Dirty Dozen” list.

“Travelers who count ordering X-rated features in their hotel rooms as part of their vacation stay can count Hilton Hotels & Resorts out, as the chain has announced it will remove all on-demand pornographic videos from its properties, worldwide.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which announced the change, had previously listed the Hilton on its “Dirty Dozen” list, which it deems the “12 leading contributors of sexual exploitation.” To read more on the Hilton: http://patch.com/massachusetts/westborough/hilton-removing-all-room-porn-its-hotels-0

To learn more about the Dirty Dozen list, go to The Project of Morality in the Media and National Center on Sexual Exploitation: http://endsexualexploitation.org/dirty-dozen/ 

To learn more about which hotels are owned by Hilton: http://hhonors3.hilton.com/en/explore/brands/index.html

100s of Swedish members of Amnesty International quit the organization 8/2015

Susan Cox on Feminist Current states, “Douglas Fox, the man who runs the largest prostitution ring in the north-east of England (and also runs the so-called “sex workers union,” IUSW) was responsible for first bringing about the motion to support the decriminalization of pimps and johns to Amnesty International).”  For more info: http://feministcurrent.com/13064/whats-current-100s-of-swedish-members-of-amnesty-international-quit-the-organization/ 

Creating Gender Equity: Lessons from Iceland

Iceland, a progressive country due to it’s feminist leadership, is leading efforts in creating a safer world for women and girls! For more information: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2013/04/20134274739879996.html


Are Poor Women Free to Choose Prostitution? 8/2015

These liberal leftists, Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW), pretend to be against ‘crimes against humanity’, accept when it comes to women, then they don’t recognize women as human.  AI wants to decriminalize Johns, pimps, and other pro-slavery perps to be able to purchase and abuse women’s bodies in the sex trade.  And, Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, questioned why poor wome should be denied the option of “voluntary sex work.”  It is pretty horrific to think that these groups are supposed to be against ‘crimes against humanity’.  Oh but then again, they don’t see women as human, but as fuck-ready commodities to be traded in the market-place. The AI and HRW reduce women in poverty to them having the right to choose to suck dick. For more information: http://randompublicjournal.com/2015/08/11/are-poor-women-free-to-choose-prostitution/

Liberals and the New McCarthyism 8/10/15 by Derrick Jensen

Liberals are the New McCarthyists!

“It’s easy enough, some sixty years after the fact, for us to cluck our tongues at the cowardice and stupidity of those who went along with McCarthyism. It’s especially easy for liberals and academics to say that had they been alive back then, they would certainly have had the courage to stand up for discourse and to stand up for those being blacklisted. That’s partly because universities like to present themselves as bastions of free thought and discourse, where students, faculty, and guests discuss the most important issues of the day. Liberal academics especially like to present themselves as encouraging of these discussions.


A new McCarthyism—complete with blacklisting—has overtaken universities, and discourse in general, and far from opposing it, liberal academics are its most active and ardent perpetrators, demanding a hegemony of thought and discourse that rivals the original.” To read more, http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/08/10/liberals-and-the-new-mccarthyism/