Adult Club Executive’s National’s Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking (ACE’s COAST) federally recognized partnership with the Department of Homeland Security ICE’S anti-sex trafficking program, the Blue Campaign.

ACE National is a federally recognized member of the Blue campaign against sex trafficking.  This recognition is a conflict of interest for the Blue Campaign anti-sex trafficking efforts.  At the very least, there is an appearance of impropriety. This sort of alliance perpetuates the myth that strip clubs are not legalized sex trafficking venues.  Sex trafficking victims get caught up in the crossfire and become collateral damage with this sort of alliance. Furthermore, this alliance is demoralizing for professionals and activists who truly want to eradicate illegal and legal sex trafficking.  That is why the DHS ICE Blue Campaign should sever their ties with ACE COAST.

The Adult Association of Club Executives – National and it’s anti-sex trafficking front group, Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking (ACE’s COAST) has successfully infiltrated the federal government, to kill anti-sex trafficking bills. To learn more about this unhealthy alliance, please see the DHS ICE: HSI, club operators forge partnership to combat sex trafficking: http://www.ice.gov/news/releases/hsi-club-operators-forge-partnership-combat-sex-trafficking

To see how ACE claims to be a federally recognized member of the Blue Campaign, per ACE: http://www.acenational.org/member-benefits
For more detailed information on ACE’s COAST being recognized by Blue Campaign, see ACE’s links under “COAST in the News” (2 of the 3 work): http://www.acenational.org/COAST The Blue Campaign has yet to be contacted by me, but in the one of the news video’s on ACE’s web site, a DHS Agent Torres, talks ACE up and it’s involvement.

According to ACE in August of 2006, there efforts were against anti-sex trafficking efforts, for killing anti-sex trafficking bills, they state,

“Through a diligent, organized effort, ACE of Michigan succeed in stopping the industry-killing package of bills from passing out of the legislature for the term ending in December of 2000. Similar bills will most certainly be introduced. Exactly when is the only question.”

They use the euphemism “adult industry”. COAST front group operates as if they are concerned about sex trafficking victims, but the forming of COAST is a sophisticated Bernay’s style strategy to infiltrate government to kill anti-sex trafficking efforts and to mislead the public. The Blue Campaign should never recognize ACE / COAST, nor work alongside with them. The costs outweigh the benefits. Their collaboration undermines our anti-sex trafficking efforts.

ACE COAST even distributes baseball card with sex trafficking indicators, which at the same time advertises strip club sex trafficking. Bizarre!

The clever perp, Mike Ocello, owner of many strip clubs across the nation, founder of ACE and COAST, and gets federal recognition by Blue Campaign, is also an active patrol officer in Illinois, geezzz.

The DHS ICE Blue Campaign needs to sever their ties with ACE COAST