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Victoria Secret – sexist clothing line, there is no Victor Secret for men to shop at, why should women have to wear “sexy” cloths, if men don’t.

Pink store (A front for Victoria Secret to season young girls into buying Victoria Secret clothing, sell g-strings catering to age group 12 years old and up)

American Apparel – Long history of sexual harassment and child-like pornographic images of young women (that have the look of barely legal selling clothes)

Natures Answer – Medical Marijuana Certification business that carries the Metro Times/Misogyny Times magazine (a male supremacist propaganda tabloid that is loaded with sexist ads selling women into the commercial sex trade)

Detroit Metro Times/ Detroit Misogyny Times: (Male supremacist propaganda tabloid that carries ads that sell women into the commercial sex trade)

Cosmopolitan Magazine – (cookie cutter sexist fashion magazine that exploits young women’s sensibilities about their bodies and minds.)

Eminem – Sexist perp singer

Snoop Dog – Pimp

Howard Stern – Big-time misogynist creep talk show / TV show host

Sports Illustrated – sexist swim suit issues

Family Video – 99.9% of video’s in their “Adult” section are of pornography of just women.

Las Vegas – The Misogyny Capitol of the USA

Green Zone Pizzeria – family Pizzaria that refuses to get rid of the Metro Times/ Misogyny Times magazine.

SideStreet Diner – family restaurant owned by two females who refuse to get rid to the Metro Times/Misogyny Times.



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