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Break ALL the Chains! Bob Avakian on the Emancipation of Women and the Communist Revolution

Here is Communist view about how pornography is graphic representations of degradation, torture, and rape.  According to Bob Avakian, the Chairman for the Revolutionary Communist Party, he states,

Literally, in this country, up until the 1950s and into the early 1960s, in many of our lifetimes, Black people were being repeatedly lynched…People–whole families, including little children– would come to picnic at the site of the lynching. And when the Black man’s body was lynched, mutilated and burned, pieces of the mutilated body would be handed out to some in the crowd as trophies. This is the fucking history of this country, and I know it’s hard to hear, but we need to face the reality of what the history of this country, and how it’s been built, actually is. And then, photographs would be taken of the burned, mutilated and lynched bodies of these Black men, and postcards would be made and they would be sold around the country.

And this comrade pointed out…that what goes on, particularly in the increasingly violent and vicious pornography, is very much along the same lines as the postcards of the hanging: the titillation of men through the physical torture and degradation of women, which is becoming more and more the norm and more and more mainstream in pornography. We should all think about the fact that one of the most popular forms of pornography, as it’s being more and more mainstreamed, is rape pornography, depicting literally the woman being raped.

To read more of his article, please click on this link:  http://revcom.us/avakian/Break-ALL-the-Chains/Break-ALL-the-Chains-FULL-WORK.pdf

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