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Fallacious Arguments


Below are fallacious arguments used by female apologists (and a couple males) in defense of sexism, used against me in my struggle against sexism.  I feel I have to record these ridiculous responses in support of other feminist women like myself who experience this sort of backlash from anti-feminist, Neo-Liberal and Liberal women.  Their non-verbal gesturing offers support to their pro-sexist stance with anywhere from a gleeful smile to a gnashing of the teeth. These statements provided below are just some of the many examples of female obedience to male supremacy.

Trivializing / Minimizing

“What is wrong with women showing off their beautiful bodies?” (African American woman)

“Just don’t look in the back of the Metro Times magazine [where they sell women into sex trade]. (female co-worker)

“That is just part of the culture” (female co-worker)

“Let’s not all start wearing hajabs. (female co-worker)

“Well there are [sexist] pictures of equivalent of men. (African American woman)

“Well you should see how the whites treated black during slavery. (Caucasian woman)

“Why don’t you read “The New Jim Crow” instead of that feminist book? (African American woman)

Aren’t there more important issues? (Caucasian woman)

“Watch in between the sexism” [minimizing the carpet bombing of sexist crap] (17 year old girl)


Indifference –Dissociation (sing-songish excuses, jovial laughter, yawing impatience, politeness)

“The fact that all the porn videos in the “Adult” section are of women, doesn’t cross my mind” (middle aged women from the “Family Video” store giving a smiling blank stare)

“You need to just ignore it.”

“Don’t judge others. That is only for God to judge.”

“Aren’t there more important things to worry about?”

“I want to talk about my sick cat instead.” (Caucasian female friend)

“Ok. Thank you for sharing that with me.” (unfriendly politeness)

“Well, that is the way it is, la de dah.” (sing-songish excuses)

“Not this again.” (yawning impatience)

“Ha Ha Ha. Well, that is sexist. Ha Ha Ha.” (jovial laughter)

“My mom was a feminist.” (Caucasian female friend)


Hostility, (including sadistic silence, twisted dishonesty, and privileged mindset)

“You are sexually repressed, get a life” (3 angry Liberal Diversity women attacked me because I requested my city to regulate magazine outboxes that carried sex ads to be 2000 ft away from grade schools)  [Projection]

“I am very upset with you for removing the sex ads out of the Metro Times magazine. I read the Metro Times.” (female co-worker) [apologist for male supremacist propaganda]

“You need to be Christian.”  (non-religious female co-worker says to me in regards to my wanting to eradicate the Metro Times sexist rag mag from our office) [apologist for male supremacist propaganda]

A co-worker forcefully grabs the whole stack of Metro Times sexist magazines from me after seeing me cutting out the sexist ad. She cements them to her breast, with excessive obedience to male supremacy, and takes them downstairs to safety. (Liberal female co-worker)

“You’re an extremist”. (Caucasian female co-worker) [apologist for male supremacist propaganda]

“You’re so negative” (17 year old girl) 

“Stop being a poor sport” (17 year old girl)

“You are a man-hating feminist.” (dishonesty)

“Get off of your soap box.” (26 years old female college student)

“You feminist want it all, now you got it.” (dishonesty)

“Oh, not this again.” (dishonesty)

“You need to be nice, be gentle, not confrontational.” (A guy who writes flowery poetry about prostituting women in Vietnam)

“Those women are just hitchhiking, not trafficked.” (twisted dishonesty)

“I have more important things like walk my dog and mow my grass than to worry about those people.” (privileged mindset)

“Blank stare or glazed look.” (sadistic silence)

“You have to reduce your emotion when discussing the matter.” (freakish dishonesty)

“Every since Affirmative Action, my classes have now more females than males.” (Angry middle-aged female Journalism instructor)


False comparisons (and lack of true comparisons)

“Femi-Nazi, man hater. (Caucasian female friend)

“You are like Patty Hearst.” (Older sister)

“You sound like a Muslim fundamentalist.” (Older sister)

“What are you a right wing conservative?” (Older sister)

“Don’t look at us, but look at those women in other countries.” (sister-in-law)

“Yah, but there is a lot of exploitation of everything.” (sister-in-law)

“Women hold bachelorette parties.” (woman who’s accepts the fact that her husband attends raunchy bachelor parties)

“I have a friend who enjoys being a prostitute.” (sister-in-law)


Post-modernism (i.e., that is your opinion)

“That is your opinion and all opinions are true.” (female neighbor)

“Words like sexism, patriarchy, and feminism are just labels.” (Caucasian woman)

“We are liberated now that we get to call ourselves, ‘sluts’, ‘bitches’, ‘cunt’, and say the word ‘vagina’. (many young women and Liberal so-called, “Feminists”)

“Pornography is liberating.  Hugh Hefner is the father of women’s sexuality.” (Caucasian woman)

“Just as long as you don’t push your beliefs” (Caucasian woman)

“Stop being ideological.” (Liberal woman –as if Liberals are not ideologically driven)


Volunteerism (False notion of choice)

“Those women like it.”

“Those women are proud and confident about their bodies, why not get paid?”


Libertarian Explanations

“Freedom of Speech”

“Your just sexually repressed”

“Those women want to do that” [be used in prostitution].


Historical inaccuracies

“Patriarchy doesn’t exist anymore.”

“There are no more plantations”

“Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world.”

“Women are now equal to men.”


Naturalism: (False Science & Bizarre Religious Explanations)

“Women are meant to be submissive.”

“Men are more visual than women.”

“Women are more beautiful than men.” (although this is not true, does that make it a good reason to exploit them?)

“Men are just genetically encoded that way.”

“God wants women to submit to men.”

“It is part of God’s plan.”



“You need to learn from Gandhi’s spirituality and be peaceful.”

“Don’t judge.  God is the only one who can judge.”



“That’s you’re personal issue.”

“Did something happen to you as a child.”

“You just have a private axe to grind.”

“You are obsessed.”

“You have anger issues.”


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