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PODCAST: Misogyny Re-loaded — An interview with Abigail Bray

In this episode Mehgan Murphy, founder of Feminist Current interviews Abigail Bray, the author of Misogyny Re-loaded, which has been described as “an explosive manifesto against the resurgent sexual fascism of the new world order.” The book covers topics of snuff pornography in “gore culture,” ageism, rape jokes, and the positive thinking movement in order to expose the various ways in which the feminist movement is being systematically weakened and the ways in which women and women’s human rights are under attack. Abigail Bray also wrote the book, Big Porn, Inc.:  Exposing the Harms of The Global Pornography Industry.

To listen to the interview, go to Feminist Current: http://feministcurrent.com/8906/podcast-misogyny-re-loaded-an-interview-with-abigail-bray/


PODCAST: Stop Patriarchy! Sunsara Taylor on human nature, domination, and the war on women

This episode Mehgan Murphy founder of Feminist Current interviews communist, atheist, feminist, activist, and writer, Sunsara Taylor. Sunsara co-hosts a radio show called Equal Time for Free Thought on WBAI, writes for Revolution Newspaper and and sits on the Advisory Board of World Can’t Wait. She recently initiated a call to action at stoppatriarchy.org and participated in 10 days of action took place in New York city from August 4th to 14th. Take Patriarchy by Storm demands an end to pornography, patriarchy, and the degradation of women. To listen to the this interview, go to Feminist Current: http://feministcurrent.com/5852/stop-patriarchy-sunsara-taylor-on-human-nature-domination-and-the-war-on-women/

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