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Who is Allied with Who? “A Radical Feminist Response to Liberal Accusation that Radical Feminists are Allied with Conservatives
Written by Andrea Lavigne
November 29, 2014

Liberals will argue that because Radical Feminists are opposed to the sexual commodification of women and girls, that they are allied with Conservatives and are sexual “Prudes”, or “Puritans”, or think “sex is dirty”. Liberals often make these unsound claims to bully Radical Feminists into silence when they protest against pornography, prostitution, and other forms of sexist propaganda.

Why should this false accusation by Liberals that Radical Feminists are allied with Conservatives and are sexual “Prudes”, or “Puritans” or think that “sex is dirty” be a problem for Radical Feminists?  It is really not the problem that the Liberals would like to fantasize it into being. The problem is that the Liberal accusation is half-true/ half-lie, manipulative, and deceptive, and that they project these thoughts that are really about themselves onto Radical Feminists.

Liberals uphold Neo-Liberal economics dear to their hearts in terms of treating people as a means to an end, view woman as property, and view women as commodities.  Liberals treat sex like a dirty game of power relations, they are the ones who think sex is dirty. Liberals, both male and female male supremacists, want pornography, prostitution, and other forms of sexist propaganda to be protected.  Liberals, women especially, act as the secret police to male supremacy often more obedient to male supremacy than men. Therefore, it is the Liberals who are the Prudes, Puritans, that think that sex is dirty.

What Liberals conveniently don’t tell you, is that Conservatives and Radical Feminists share some of the same humanistic concerns that prostitution poses on women’s bodies, hearts, and minds.  At the same time, they have different reasons and different solutions from one another surrounding why they are against the prostitution and pornography of women and girls. Most Conservatives see pornography and prostitution mainly as a First Amendment issue of Obscenity.  Radical Feminists see it as a Thirteen Amendment against slavery, Fourteenth Amendment issue a civil rights, and a violation of human rights, but some Conservatives understand this to be true as well. Liberals just want to exploit the First Amendment for their own instrumental purpose by yelling out stupidly, “Freedom of Speech”, like Freedom of Speech Fundamentalists, obsessively obedient to their very superficial understanding of the constitution.

Conservatives want society to embrace traditional Patriarchal, often Biblical values, increase punishment, increase in state of the art forensic science, increase direct services, increase Empowerment for women and girls, and create reforms within the Patriarchal Capitalist system.  Radical Feminists, don’t want traditional or Biblical morals, but also want an increase in punishment, increase in state of the art forensic science, increase direct services, increase empowerment for women and girls — BUT, their focus is Liberation for women and girls and eradicating the root causes of sexual oppression.

Another problem with these squirrelly Liberals is that they are placing themselves in positions of power, in local to state to federal government; police departments; FBI; and, DHS in order to promote their male-supremacist pro-pornography and pro-prostitution agenda. That is scary considering their gross denial of gender and class power dynamics.

Another lie that Liberals promote is that Radical Feminists are against the women being used in prostitution because they are against prostitution.  This is like arguing that people who are against slavery are against blacks being used in slavery.

Without trying to insult Conservatives while not being an apologist for them either, it is my conclusion that Liberals are actually more allied with Conservatives than Radical Feminists are with Conservatives.  The bottom line is that Liberals and Conservatives share the same Patriarchal world view, exist on the same coin, different sides of the coin, but the same coin none-the-less.  Radical Feminists don’t exist on that coin.  Conservatives, at least, provide transparency that they are Patriarchal, Capitalist, Neo-Liberal, and into traditional or Biblical morals. Liberals, on the other hand, spin Liberalism to mean “Progressive”, when they really uphold the same Patriarchal, Capitalist, Neo-Liberal views toward women as do Conservatives, even if they may be secularists.

In this paper, this author proves how Liberals are actually allied with Conservative on a fundamental level, on the ground. They both inherently uphold the Patriarchal Capitalist worldview about women (religious or secular) and share the same interest in maintaining male privilege and entitlement. They both reject the dialectical materialist method of examination of socio-economic conditions, such as power dynamics, class inequalities, and discrimination that women face. Both are into idealism, individualism, and reformism. Conservatives treat sexuality for reproduction purposes, to multiply, I guess, which may be or may be mischaracterized as Prudish or Puritanism. Liberals, on the other hand,  openly treat sexuality in ways only found in Prudish or Puritan societies, as if sex is dirty.  Non – Patriarchal cultures such as the pre-colonized Native American peoples (non-Puritans, non-Prudes) would ban Liberals from their communities altogether, not allow for one second their pornography and prostitution of women and girls.

Puritanism – both conservatives and liberals fetishize the female body in pornography and prostitution

Religious Conservatives treat female sexuality like it is only for reproductive purposes. They often want to fetishize he female body by covering it up with scarves, burqas, and other handmaiden clothing. Conservatives are worried about the viewer being exposed to the “evil sinful images” of pornography, and don’t care about the victim used in pornography. They want to save the voyer, often themselves, from burning in hell. Liberals, on the other side of the coin, fetishize the female body, more drastically than the Conservatives, as raw body parts rather than whole human beings. Liberals want women’s naked and vulnerable bodies to be on display in the public auction block or like as in Abu Ghraib and refer to that as Freedom of Speech. Liberals conflate male privilege with male property rights over women’s bodies as a personal freedom. They are willing to mischaracterize the victim experience with the freedom to be a victim. Liberals don’t care about the victim, but rather the right to be a voyeur.  Liberals treat sexuality as if it is dirty.  And, they wants to maintain the “constitutional” right to be a voyer. The Liberal motto: “Freedom to be a male supremacist or a female male supremacist, freedom to rape-for-pay, –let freedom reign over women’s bodies, freedom for voyeurs and other perps, “freedom” a Constitutional right.”

Radical Feminists on the other hand, are against the freedom of men to treat us like Grade-A meat cuts.

Free Market Commodification of Women
Conservatives don’t want women to be sexual commodities in public, just the property of the husband. Liberals want women to be sexual commodities in public, and to be entrepreneurial about it. Liberals want legalization and unionization of prostituted women to negotiate how many blow jobs per hour. Liberals equate sexual slavery of women as work, but see black slavery as slavery.

Radical Feminists, on the other hand, are against the free market commodification of women.

Post- Modernist / Post-Sexism/ Moral Relativism
Neither Liberals nor Conservatives see the sexism behind the sexist pornified images of women. Conservatives don’t see the sexism, they just see the “obscenity”. Liberals don’t see the sexism either, they just see the “empowerment” and “entertainment”. Liberals see everything as relative to the individual’s own definition of what is right or wrong. Liberal think everyone’s narrative is true. Liberals think that the objective is subjective and the subjective is objective. Reality for Liberals, is dependent on the mind of man. Liberals are the most Orwellian.

Radical Feminists, on the other hand, see the causes of prostitution and pornography to be rooted in sexism and other oppressive power dynamics. For the radical feminist, reality is dependent on the objective material conditions.

Both are against Radical Feminists
Conservatives see radical feminists as UnGodly. Liberals see radical feminists as Prudes who are allied with God believing people.

Radical Feminist don’t believe in a God or Gods, nor ally themselves with God fearing people anymore than Leftist’s and Liberals ally themselves with God fearing people. God fearing people live in the same community and happen to share some of the same causes whether they are at the same anti-pornography protests with Radical Feminists or protesting alongside Liberals and Leftists in anti-war demonstrations. God fearing people may be amongst us fighting for the same or cause or what appears to be the same cause, but for a different reason and different end result.  So, it is the Liberals who defend anti-intimacy and sexist propaganda acting as if they are so progressive, when really they are the unprogressive, dull Prudes who treat intimacy as dirty.

Radical Feminists can’t be prudes, because they talk about sexual politics all the time.  Furthermore, because pornography is anti-intimacy and sexist and radical feminists complain about it because of that, that means that radical feminists are pro-intimacy and pro-sexual unity.

Sale of Women – Liberals and Conservatives both want women as property

Conservatives see pornography as offensive.  Radical Feminists see pornography as subordination and degradation, and therefor offensive.  Liberals see pornography’s subordination and degradation of women in a very dogmatic way, unthinkingly obedient shouting out their  “Freedom of Speech” mantra.

Conservatives want women to be private property.

Liberals want women to be public property.

Third Wave so-called, “feminists” or Liberal so-called “feminists” with a small “f”, want women to be their own property

Radical Feminists, with a large “F”, on the other hand, don’t want women to be property at all.

Justifications – both use patriarchal justifications for female subjugation
Conservatives use the Bible to justify sexism, “That’s the way God planned it.” Liberals use Orwellian, squirrelly “reasoning” to justify sexist propaganda, “It’s Freedom of Speech”.

Radical Feminists, on the other hand, believe that sexist propaganda, such as pornography, sexist ads selling women in strip clubs and other prostitution venues, etc…. is the theory (and practice) in socially constructing female subjugation and rape culture.

Abandonment of the 13th Amendment to Abolish Slavery
Conservatives recognize prostitution as slavery, but they avert their eyes from the 13th Amendment, because to them it falls into the First Amendment issue of “obscenity”. Liberals don’t view prostitution as slavery, so they don’t look at the Thirteenth Amendment.

Radical Feminists, on the other hand, see prostitution as slavery so look toward the Thirteenth Amendment.

Abandonment of the 14th Amendment Protection Clause against gender discrimination
Conservatives recognize prostitution as slavery, but also believe that women are by God’s standard not “equal” to men, tied to religious dogma. Conservatives may often be in denial about racist and colonialistic hate speech, but are in denial about pornograhpy as sexist hate speech, so don’t recognize the Fourteenth Amendment, because stuck on “obscenity” First Amendment. Liberals think prostitution is voluntary sex work due to women’s biological naturalness. They will argue, “We have an open mind”, “it is the Modern way.” Liberals speak out against racist and colonialistic hate speech, but vehemently defend sexist hate speech, such as pornography and sexist advertising, as empowering. When it comes to pornography and other forms of sexist hate speech, they mindlessly run to the First Amendment, but when it comes to racist hate speech, they run to the Fourteenth Amendment, and would not dare squeak a peep about, “Freedom of Speech”. So, they have no problem recognizing the 14th Amendment as it applies to race, but they can’t see how it applies to women. Both pervert the truth. The both believe we have to be non-dialectically open minded in the process to reaching truth, and not be open minded to what is truth.

Radical Feminists, on the other hand, believe that women are treated worse than slaves who just labor, but like the women slaves who were also being raped. What is the difference between black women in the 17th century being raped as slave or between women in the 21st Century being raped as a prostitute. What has changed is what was the commodity of the day, then slave trade market of blacks, and now trading of women in the market. Black slave holders then, male slave holders now in who traffick in women and who are in the voyerism of pornography. Yesterday’s plantation holder is today’s pimp.

Both Power Dynamic Illiterate
Conservatives and Liberals don’t think in terms of the group, just the individual. They are easily fooled by the PR master of Madison Avenue who represent the porn industry. Liberals get indignant about racism, but they argue Freedom of Speech to protect sexism.  They don’t have the critical thinking skills to connect racism and sexism.

Radical Feminists, on the other hand, start their analysis of women’s oppression with an understanding of power dynamics, the interconnectedness of all things.

No society, just individuals
Both Liberals and Conservatives are blind to the bigger picture. They don’t dig deep. They atomize society to individuals, and when everything is atomized, you can’t see the asymmetry. Conservatives can’t see whole entire group oppressing a whole entire group, because their seeing only individuals, a Neo-liberal trait. Liberals feminists think that they can use their sexuality to “gain power”, — their false sense of empowerment warping their sensibility to understand women as an oppressed group. Liberals make a leap in logic. They project their individual fantasy of their own feeling of power in a consensual relationship to an economically destitute women who is powerless, Liberals are very Neo-Liberal because of their worship of individualism, not being able to see the whole group, class.  Don’t ask a Liberal not to give up their false individualistic and in a vacuum sense of freedom, because it is the last thread of their sexual “freedom”.

Radical Feminists, on the other hand, see women as a class, and that the oppression of women is a civil rights and human rights issue, and that freedom is gained by liberation of the group.

To conclude, Liberals and Conservatives share the same Patriarchal Capitalist world view when it comes to women in general. They both distain Radical Feminists. Conservatives will use intimidation to bully women away from bodily agency when it comes to reproductive rights. Liberals will bully women into silence so not to question the Patriarchal Capitalist establishment of male entitlement and privilege. They are both into free market commodification, individualism, and biological determinism. Both rooted in Idealism, i.e., they both see reality as rooted in the mind of man. Liberals are allied with Conservatives in that they exist on the same coin. Liberal on one side of the coin, and Conservatives on the other, but both on the same coin and both worship Neo-Liberal policies. Radical Feminists, on the other hand, view women’s oppression as rooted in objective reality of Patriarchy and Capitalist property relations, the objective material conditions. Radical Feminists don’t exist on the coin that Conservatives and Liberals exist on at all, they reject it.

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