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Michigan Human Trafficking Bills 2015

SBs 205 and 206: Soliciting a Minor Prostitute

These bills increase the penalties for soliciting prostitution from a minor, making this crime a felony.

SB 584: Eliminating Statute of Limitations

Lengthens the statute of limitations for trafficking offenses and commercial sexual exploitation of children offenses.  This will be known as the Theresa Flores Law to recognize a survivor of human trafficking in Michigan who has dedicated her life to shining a light on this important issue.

SB 585 Deferred Sentencing

This bill give courts the ability to defer sentencing for someone charged with prostitution-related crimes.  The individual would not be given a guilty verdict, and they would go straight to probation.  They could not have been previously convicted of this type of crime.

SB 587 DHS Referral

DHS shall perform assessment / psychological evaluation and medical examination when the juvenile is referred to the department.  In addition to any reunification, adoption or other services provided to a child under DHS care counseling services appropriate for the victim.

SB 590 Allow Victims to sue Captors

To be known as the ‘Human Trafficking Victims Compensation Act’, this bill will allow victims to sue their captors for damages that result from physical and mental suffering, damages, and destruction of property and expenses incurred.

SB 592 Medical and Psychological Treatment for Victims

This bill expands the social welfare act in the State of Michigan to include victims of human trafficking on the list of potential recipients for medical assistance benefits and psychological treatment.

SB 593 Modify Victims Satus for Foster Care Minors Who Are Human Trafficking Victims

Allow for DHS to use a different status for children who are victims of human trafficking in order to provide hem with additional services or to give special consideration that traditional foster care services may not be suitable for the victim.  This is to avoid re-victimizing these children as they move from one placement to the next.

SB 596 Creations of Human Trafficking Health Advisory Board

Establishes a human trafficking health advisory board to evaluate the physical and mental needs of survivors and victims.

SB 597 Training for Medical Professionals

Requires that medical professional be trained to identify the signs of human trafficking in patients.

SB 602 Require “Johns” to Register on the Sex Offender Registry

Requires those caught soliciting prostitution from a minor to be placed on the sex offender registry.

HB 4021 Updates Kidnapping Law

Adds engaging in child sexually abusive activity with a minor to the list of actions that constitute kidnapping.

HB 4867 Better Sentencing for Those Caught in Undercover Operations

Adds “law enforcement officer posing as a potential victims” as someone against whom an offense can be committed in order to receive a grater number of sentencing points.

HB 5012 Safe Harbor

Creates a presumption of innocence for someone under the age of 18 who is charged ith prostitution or similar crimes.  The individual would be required to meet certain criteria in order to retain the presumption.  Law enforcement would also be required to report encountering these individuals to DHS, and the department would be gin an investigation in 24 hours.

HB 5025 Criminal Convictions Cleared Court

This bill will allow individuals to apply to have certain criminal convictions cleared from their record if the offense was committed due to their status as a victims of human trafficking violation.

HB 5858 Creates a Human Trafficking Commission

Establishes a human trafficking commission to ensure this issue will continuously be taken seriously.

HB 5231 Removes Gender Specific Language in Prostitution Statue

Updates general language and specifically it removes gender specific language.  It also doubles the fine for operating a prostitution house to $5000.

HBs 5233 and 5236 Seizure and Forfeiture of Property

These bills subject all property used in or resulting from a human trafficking crime to seizure and forfeiture and defines “willful blindness.”

HB 5234 Technical Changes to the Human Trafficking Act

This bill revises definitions, consolidates penalties for violations, and repeals two section of the Human Trafficking Act made obsolete by the revisions.

HB 5237 Technical Changes to the Crime Victim’s Rights Act

Makes technical changes to the Crime Victim’s Rights Act dealing with court fees and restitution to victims.

HB 5239 Reporting Human Trafficking Child Abuse to Local Law Enforcement

Requires that child abuse reports that involve human trafficking violations be transmitted to local law enforcement.


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