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ST3 assists activists, educators, researchers, policy makers, media, health care workers, teachers, law enforcement, judiciary, and the public by providing sound anti-sex trafficking analysis. ST3 also plans on providing education to the  government and military.  ST3 provides people with knowledge, theory, and strategies that will inspire them to eradicate the conditions that create the supply and demand for sex trafficking of women and children. Anti-sex trafficking efforts are most sustainable within the framework of women’s liberation. In order to abolish sex trafficking, we need to fight for and win basic rights, such as equal protection under the law, substantive equality, and a sustainable economy.

ST3 is a hub providing: theory, advocacy, statistics, treaties, government reports, public policy, laws, lobbying strategies, sound solutions, media appearances, press releases, letter writing campaigns, and current news; networking with sister organizations; information on how to identify sex trafficking victims and a sex trafficking hot line; and, links to support services. ST3 encourages innovative ideas that go toward its expansion.


ST3 strongly believes in the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause.  The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws.” ST3 believes that if speech, i.e., conduct due to the 1st Amendment violates human rights of vulnerable populations granted in the 14th Amendment, that that so-called speech, really “conduct” must be halted and those committing this conduct should be criminally charged. Pornography is conduct, not speech.


ST3 agrees strongly with the Supreme Court in recognizing when that the government may prohibit some speech that may cause a breach of the peace or cause violence. For more on unprotected and less protected categories of speech see advocacy of illegal action, fighting words, commercial speech and obscenity. The right to free speech includes other mediums of expression that communicate a message. The level of protection speech receives also depends on the forum in which it takes place.  ST3 views pornography and sexist advertising  to constitute all of the above: “fighting words”, “commercial speech”, and “obscenity” so, therefore, SHOULD NOT be protected.

ST3 strongly denounce civil liberties organizations and judges who protect the privileged speech of perpetrators over victim rights to be free from this speech, especially when this speech promotes sexual commoditization, sexual objectification, and sexual violence. Just like a person should not be allowed to yell “fire” in a theater due to the harm it can create, so too should a person not be allowed to promote pornography and prostitution which incites violence to the mass of women.  Vulnerable populations should be free from speech that incites violence toward them. Civil liberties organizations and other liberals believe we live in some post-modernist TV Land, where the rights of voyeurs are more important than the rights of those being objectified in pornography or more important than the rights of those who don’t want to be speeched at.


ST3 believes all males are born with an innate drive to embrace their human essence, but that patriarchy socializes them to lose some of their humanity, some of the time — gaining privilege and entitlement at the expense of females. It is the Capitalist Patriarchal system that ST3 holds accountable in creating the oppressor / oppressed gender relations.

“The real brilliance of Patriarchy, doesn’t just naturalize oppression, it sexualizes acts of domination and submission, erotizes acts of political oppression, and then it institutionalizes that into masculinity and femininity. It naturalizes, erotizes, and then institutionalizes. The brilliance of [radical] feminism, is that we [radical feminists] have figured that out.” —– Lierre Keith (Deep Green Resistance)

“By Patriarchy, I mean the [historic system] of male dominance, a system committed to the maintenance and reinforcement of male hegemony…It’s institutions direct and protect the institutions of power and privilege to those who are male, apportioned, however, according to social and economic class and race.” Ruth Bleier, 1984

ST3 finds it unfortunate that many women are seasoned into supporting Patriarchy, many of them bonding with the perpetrator culture, some even becoming female male supremacists or fembots due to having outposts in their heads.

Burka Cultures & Thong Cultures

ST3 Believes there is no fundamental cultural difference between the Taliban (leaders, members, police, propagandists) of the East & sex trade beneficiaries (owners, managers, johns, advertisers, propagandists) of the West. Both misogynistic groups contain members who individually and in concert obsessively objectify the female half of the human race, treating them as property. Neither culture is liberating for women.

Auction Blocks & Strip Clubs

ST3 sees the same kind of carnival atmosphere where the dominant group performs invasive bodily inspections and bodily functions on the subordinate group. The exploitative power dynamics are similar: (one based on race and the other based on sex, and at times a hybrid or gradation of both). Both are patriarchal attempts to reinforce supremacy. White supremacists wanted themselves a “Niger” that they could call, “boy”. Male supremacists want themselves a “bitch” that they can call a “girl” (Girls! Girls! Girls!).

National Sex Offender Registry

ST3 believes that those who produce and publish advertising that sell women into strip clubs, escorts, and massage parlors, etc…, should be put onto a Nationwide Sex Offender Registry (SOR).  These include, but not limited to, newspaper & magazine publication department heads, johns, and pimps, and any other perps.


“The overthrow of mother right was the world historical defeat of the female sex.” Frederick Engels

The Patriarchy (or Patri-Focal system) has been in existence for only several thousand years and is ownership-obsessed, and several thousand years too long. The Matriarchal (or Matri-Focal system) which was actually in existence thousands of years longer than Patriarchy, was not perfect, but was more based on cooperation and egalitarianism where women were held with high regard. Several thousands years ago, Patriarchal societies wiped out Matriarchal societies. The beneficiaries of the Patriarchal culture objectify and exploit the female body like they do to land and resources. Matriarchal societies, on the other hand, did not. Patriarchy (along with it’s ancient Roman and Greek Slavocaries, Feudalism, and Capitalism) is a system obsessively involved, 24/7, in the prostitution of sexuality and in raping, pillaging, conquering, and dividing of the land. Today’s Capitalist Patriarchy is a predatory economic system and a perpetrator culture that creates the Supply (women/ girls/and some boys) and the Demand (pimps/owners/and johns), which is completely out of balance with mother nature and the innate need to be human.

“Oppression is a system of interrelated forces and barriers which reduce, immobilize and mold people, who belong to a certain group, and effect their subordination to another group.” —–Marilyn Frye, The Politics of Reality

The prostitution of sexuality is not some inevitable aspect of the human race, but socially constructed as it is rooted in Patriarchy.


ST3 believes that in order to abolish prostitution, other forms of slavery, and save our environment, activists need to take a harm-elimination approach, called the Gulliver Strategy. The Gulliver Strategy is where you fight against the beneficiaries and other procurers of the commercial sex trade at every angle available with the aim of unraveling the Capitalist Patriarchy while creating and building a Sustainable economy. A Sustainable economy will eliminate the Supply and Demand for prostitution and other predatorily behaviors; and, it will reduce men’s un-natural obsession for ownership of land, animals and people (ownership of people for slavery and prostitution). Sustainable economic systems are non-predatorial, value collectivist ownership of the means of production, and offers more quality time for education, family, and social life. A sustainable economy will grant women full access to humanhood, substantive equality, a sustainable standard of living, and liberation.

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