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Gulliver Strategy: Well this Gulliver dude was a giant menace, so the people had to enmass reign him in. We need to deploy all methods at different points, multiple tactics. It is best to be organized, but if you have a crazy work schedule, then do activism on the fly, or do both.





Sunsara Taylor from Stop Patriarchy Protests Sex Trafficking, Pornography, & Backpage.com.  You can say that offline tabloids that sell women for commercial sex, are also red light districts for pimps and johns.



Full Spectrum Resistance by Deep Green Resistance

The strategies and tactics we choose must be part of a grander strategy. This is not the same as movement-building; taking down civilization does not require a majority or a single coherent movement. A grand strategy is necessarily diverse and decentralized, and will include many kinds of actionists. If those in power seek Full-Spectrum Dominance, then we need Full-Spectrum Resistance. Form more information, go to Deep Green Resistance on Strategies: http://www.deepgreenresistance.org/en/deep-green-resistance-strategy/strategic-resistance

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