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Detroit Free Press online Jan 12, 2015

Laws stir debate on progress against sex trade, by Gary Heinlein

Human Trafficking New laws in Michigan 2015

The new Michigan human trafficking laws taking effect this week include:

■Removal of the six-year statute of limitations on prosecution of anyone forcing girls 16 or younger into prostitution. Those committing this crime against minors will be subject to prosecution at any time.

■A change from misdemeanor to felony status for the crime of prostituting girls younger than 18. It will carry new penalties of up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine or both.

■A state human trafficking commission housed in the Attorney General’s Office and a central data collection system to provide a clearer picture of the size of the problem in Michigan.

■A provision that adds forcing of a child into sexually abusive situations to the kidnapping law. Kidnapping carries penalties of up to life in prison and/or a $50,000 fine.

■A law change to treat underage girls as victims rather than criminals in prostitution cases. It says girls under 18 will be “presumed to be coerced” into the sex trade and eligible for state juvenile services such as foster care and state-sponsored psychological or medical care normally available only to Medicaid recipients.

■A new law allowing the government to seize money and other assets associated with human trafficking and sexual servitude from those convicted of such crimes.

■A legal specification that testimony from a victim isn’t necessary to prosecute someone accused of a human trafficking crime, and that the victim’s resistance or lack of resistance cannot be considered relevant in court.  For more information: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2015/01/11/laws-stir-debate-progress-sex-trade/21616877/

Re:  Bill was called SB 595 Adult Entertainment Fee” 2014

ST3 does NOT agree with Judy Emmons Fee Proposal. 

Judy Emmons states in article, under Fee Proposal Resisted,

Emmons said one proposal was to require adult entertainment establishments to collect a state fee of $3 to $4 per customer as part of their cover charges, but it faced “considerable pushback from the industry.” In addition, Emmons said, conservatives objected to it as a new tax and liberals worried that owners of the establishments would extract the money from their employees’ pay.

“We’re coming back and we’re going to revisit that,” Emmons said.

Emmons says Michigan has made real strides since the effort began more than a year ago.

“We’ve talked to people whose own families had offered them (for sex for money); they didn’t even recognize it’s wrong,” Emmons said. “The key is recognition and, once there’s recognition, to have the tools to deal with the needs of the victims.”

Judy Emmons describes the “dichotomy” between the Conservatives and the Liberals, but not the true dichotomy between the Conservatives and Liberals AND that of Radical Feminists.  Radical Feminists in ST3 don’t believe it is ethical for Judy Emmons to be referring to women and girls used in strip club prostitution as performing “Adult Entertainment”.  ST3 views strip club prostitution as inherently violent, like all forms of prostitution.  ST3 doesn’t believe that the pimpy strip club owners will have the money come from johns, but rather from the strippers, since they get to determine how it is collected.  ST3 doesn’t believe it is ethical to get this money from the sexual violence being done to prostituted women and girls to fund programs for other victims of sexual violence.  We don’t continue to have slavery and then off the backs of auctioned of black slaves, create fees to fund programs for other exploited black slaves.  This Fee bill is simply unethical from every angle.


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