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Most Successful Male Porn Star Of All Time Speaks Out On Porn

Survivor of sex trafficking by Anonymous

“I am a survivor above all things

Abandon taken by forced and initiated to a life of prostitution. Two weeks before my twelfth birthday. I served a life sentence as a slave to the game. Believing that I had been rescued was the only comfort I knew? I spent so many years wishing I was dead but to angry to die. I was angry at God and humanity for deserting me. .

8 yrs later into my recovery process even after 3 yrs of behavior modification 5 yrs in therapy and 2 yrs in a Christian missionary home I still was unable to manage my life. I suffer from severe post traumatic stress and brain damage that affects my ability to learn new things. I began to write to help my mind restore from the trauma. In desperation to show my two children a better way of life, I began to use my knowledge and wisdom as a means to help raise awareness and educate the people about human trafficking better known as the game.”  –Anonymous


Daughter of a so-called ” free-willed sex worker” 

“There are negative consequences for children who’s father’s are johns and mother’s are prostituted.

  • If the pimp is the child’s real father, he could gain custody of this child, and use his child in prostitution.
  • Johns often don’t want to use condoms, so they produce children.
  • Johns and pimps often sexually abuse the children of the prostituted woman. Pimp daddies are pimp daddies whether they are operating illegally or legally.
  • Even local trafficking form city to city or state to state causes instability on children: making school difficult because moving from school to school and making friends is difficult because moving from city to city.
  • Being conceived by a pimp / john gives a feeling of loss, emptiness, depression because you don’t know who your dad is, don’t know why one is here on this earth, no chance of having a normal relationship with father
  • Prostitution of mom and sexual assault by mom’s pimps and johns make sex sexually confusing about what is natural sex and what is power and control sex.
  • Drugs mom uses in order to perform prostitution has negative affects upon the health of the fetus
  • Lifestyle of mom between the prostitution and drugs makes it difficult to have the ability to perform child care
  • Mom and child often sold as a unit”

Wendy’s Story A Survivors Story

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