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Workshop 2016

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Lessons From the 1960 – 70’s Women’s Liberation Movement

5 Session Program

(1st Session): Sun., March 27, 2016 (Date tentative) at 1:30 pm

(Location in Metro Detroit area TBD by members)

There will be an opportunity for interested attendees to meet a weeks before event to discuss your interest and wrangle with issues before Program starts, and possible earlier date for Program)

By Dr. Kathleen Barry

Dr. Kathleen Barry, author of Female Sexual Slavery, The Prostitution of Sexuality: Global Exploitation of Women; and, Unmaking War, Remaking Men as well as the biographer of Susan B. Anthony.. Dr. Barry also a lecturer and global feminist activist, was one of the founders of Coalition Against the Trafficking in Women. President Jimmy Carter made the Convention Against Sexual Exploitation that Dr. Barry developed with UNESCO the focus of a World Summit to End Sexual Exploitation 2025.

We are facing a crisis in sexual exploitation which is robbing girls and women of their futures, their health and well-being. Ending prostitution and pornography is the unfinished work from the Women’s Liberation Movement of the last century. We are drawing together effective strategies from around the world to stop men from buying women and children to sexually abuse, that is prostitution. The sex industries are trying to normalize sexual abuse by calling it “sex work” and having women who are bought by men for sexual abuse front for them. The sex industries have grown exponentially more sophisticated in their use of propaganda and tools to manufacture public, legislative, and judicial complacency, now making the global sexploitation trade one of the highest profit making industries, —more accessible and harder in core.

Dr. Barry will tailor this Five Session program to the needs of our group and our concern with addressing sexual exploitation. Through this program we will develop the most effective strategies for moving forward both locally and globally to radically restore ourselves and women throughout the world to human dignity and rights.


How it works: We gather at least ten women for five 2 hour weekend workshops over Skype, according to our availability times. We gather in our choice of space – someone’s living room or a meeting room where we connect by Skype to Dr. Barry in Northern California. This is a per-person, fee-based program costing $100 per woman, with a minimum enrollment of ten women. After that, reduced rates apply for those in need. (Dr. Barry is also available to travel for a weekend workshop, if we cover travel and speaker fees.)

 The program includes:

  • Understanding how to bridge the work of 1960’s – 70’s women’s liberation movement with local and global feminist activism today
  • Getting to the root causes of sexual exploitation, deepening our understanding and analysis therefore, our solutions!
  • The Anomaly – Uncovering hidden, unspoken forms of male domination
  • By what standards to we determine when sex is harm? Do we need a feminist morality?
  • UN Declaration of Human Rights and a new proposed Convention Against Sexual Exploitation—making them work!

Dr. Barry states, “I am particularly heartened by the radical feminist movement of recent years, especially as it confronts sexual exploitation, the unfinished business of our 1960s – 1970s Women’s Liberation Movement. Together we are bridging the gaps of generations. In this program I bring some of the most important elements of our Women’s Liberation Movement and of my own work forward into your work today.”

Dr. Barry found that women who have participated in previous offerings of her programs have given her positive feedback and said that her program was very inspiring. Here is a post from Angela Burrows in Queensland Australia, “My local feminist collective are doing this course at the moment, the wonders of technology – via Skype and in different continents! We have had the most amazing discussions and it has given me other ways of wording and thinking about things which has been so useful in my job and in my activism. Would recommend to everyone! Thanks Kathleen Barry!” To learn more about Dr. Barry’s: http://kathleenbarry.net/